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In these days on our facebook page will start a photo contest to know which "kind of guest you are when you are travelling and stay in a Residencehotels accomodation".
We'll post some details of 10 photograph of our accomodation and we wish you could recognize all!

Come on and let Residencehotels know that there is no secret for you!

Once the contest will finish according to the right number of answers you did we'll divide you in three categories of Guest. At the end of the contest we'll tell you the position of the photographies and let you know if you were right or not!!


Residencehotels guests are: 


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From 1 to 3 "The Active Guest"


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The Active Guest is a person who want to enjoy his vacation and certainly not to the room in which he has been awarded! He care about the places and landscapes where it is, Outdoor activity is his passion and certainly does not pass the holiday locked studying in the room . It ' a person who loves nature, sports, trips and excursions, all activities that led him to stay at one of our accomodations.. Is an active person who brings a breath of freshness in our Residence and Hotels.

From 3 to 6 "Relaxed Guest"




The Relaxed guest is a calm and peaceful person. Usually a family man who has stayed several times at our facilities with the family , or dear friends.
He loves sports and mountain and knows how to enjoy a full holiday, spending his time both among the mountain peaks of the Dolomites, and in a moment of relaxation at one of our facilities. A person who seems distracted and relaxed, but thanks to a small detail he can fall back in the memories of a wonderful holiday .







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To partecipate you have only to put a like on our Facebook page and comment the photo you want.


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From 6 to 9 "The Concerned Guest"




The Concerned Guest is a super expert in all the places where he been, knows from A to Z the hotels in which he has a check-in (or probably is one of our employees who pretends to be a traveler) . When he is on vacation pins salient details of his trip on his little notebook, so he won't miss anything! A methodical person and attentive to all, for him holidays are much more of relaxation, the discovery of the little detail to take home makes him the happier person in the world!