Summer Activities

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All our destinations are very inviting for summer sports and the life outdoor.

There are dozens of trails you can hike or bike or walk with sticks, well kept and perfectly signaled.
You can wander the valley floor or go up underneath the rocky peaks. Everywhere you'll be amazed by the beauty and the summery feel of the sun on your skin and the fragrance of the mountain flowers.  
Mountaing guides can take you climbing or you can be intrigued by the new disciplines of canyoning down blue mountain streams or rafting.
Even more exciting can be hitting a steep trail with your Downhill bike with the trees flying by you.
But if you like it you can really fly by way of paragliding: there are indeed beautiful spots to do that too.
For a more relaxed feel of the outdoor you can join a group with a guide who takes you through easy trails while telling you everything about animals and flowers in our region. We offer at least two free excursions a week in every destination.
Choose your favourite way of spending your holidays with us: in hotel or apartment, B&B or Residencehotel.

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